Monday, October 25, 2004

It Needed to be Said

If only I could go back in time each day to say all the things I should have said. But alas, I cannot and so I must be satisfied with replaying conversations in my head with the appropriate edits. The following are some of my more recent edits.

What was said

Roommate:I'm gonna have some of your drink(Starts drinking out of my cup).
Me:uh, buh, yuh, okay.

What should've been said-

Me:Sure and I'm gonna go use your toothbrush.

What was said-

Guy sitting next to me in physical science:could you e-mail me all of your notes, I haven't taken any this semester.

What should've been said-

Me:No and you can't have my phone number either.
Guy:But I don't want your phone number.
Me:Why not? Is it possible I'm not as attractive as I think I am?
Guy:I'm going to go sit somewhere else.
Me(to self):Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix.

What was said-

Crazy lady in my Comms 235 class(to Professor):So basically you're saying that women should stay home and raise your children while you have a life and a career.
Me:(silent, but I did turn around and give her an angry stare.)

What should've been said-

Me:(to the crazy lady)So basically you're saying that you feel guilty because you are in school while your kids are being raised by the lunchlady who is running the after school latchkey program. I'm all for women continuing their educations but you need to start taking notes and stop being a moron.

What was said-

Roommate #2(who is the darkest part of my life right now):Wow, I just realized that this is the first month in nine years that I haven't kissed a boy.
Me:Wow, you must be a hussy.
Roommate #2:Oh, Frances you are so funny.

What should've been said-
Me:(shudder)You need to move out.

I feel much better now.


At 6:51 AM, Blogger Kacy said...

So glad you're here. Now I can quit my crappy blog and spend all my free time reading yours.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Kacy said...

And by that (see above) I mean "reading your funny, interesting blog" not "reading your crappy blog" which is how it sounds--just to clarify.


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