Friday, May 27, 2005

My Favorite Things

Here are some highlights from the last month of my life:

I have enjoyed constantly collecting garbage everywhere I go for one of my classes. Carrying bags full of trash is great icebreaker with strangers on the tube. "Yes, I would like your snickers rapper when you're done. Oh, by the way, would you like to join my church?"

The music played by aspiring artists in the metros of Paris was worth the trip. One man was playing Silent Night on the recorder and when he got to the tune of "sleep in heavenly peace" he would repeat it six or seven times before finishing the song. I always enjoy a good improvisational piece.

I loved punting on the Cam river in Cambridge. To have gotten a professional punter would have been expensive so we opted for a less than qualified but up to the challenge driver.

Watching Star Wars with the French was brilliant. I’m a better person for seeing a lightsaber battle with baguettes.

Figuring out what behaviours are acceptable in other cultures is always an adventure. I met a wonderfully feisty English woman at the park a few weeks ago when I started playing with her dog. It turns out the English like their pets not held by strangers and not forced down playground slides.

Of course, I love the art. Any friend to the animals is a friend of mine.

My ward is lovely. The Bishop loves the surprise testimony attack as well as the next Bishop but he takes it a step further. My name was printed in the program on Sunday as the first speaker. I told the bishop I wasn't given a topic and he assured me that neither had the other two BYU students who were speaking after me. He said I needn't worry as I only had to take 15-20 minutes.

The food here at the centre is a treat. Even when I'm not sure what
I'm eating there is always plenty of gravy to dowse it with.